World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Beta Coverage
World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Instance Video - Hellfire Ramparts

Erik Jacobson | 17 Jan 2007 13:25
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As we all level up, I know some people have to be curious as to what the new instances look like on the live servers. So, I'll be taking videos of them as I run through with my guild and putting them up as soon as we do a complete run.

I don't expect to edit them too heavily, outside of maybe speeding up the slow parts, but you can always fast forward. :) You might even get to see me "accidentally" let Jayne die a few times!

So, here you go, our run of Hellfire Ramparts (Yes I know I messed up the title and put in Hellfire Citadel, shush!)

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