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This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Build Is Overpowered on PTR

CJ Miozzi | 10 Mar 2016 13:00
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Demon Hunter Skills Diablo

2. Skills

Bolas with the Bitter Pill rune will help us maintain Discipline. Vault is a huge part of a Demon Hunter's toolkit, enabling you to both move quickly throughout a rift and avoid death, but since this build doesn't use Preparation, we need another way to recover discipline. Bitter Pill lets us recover some Discipline on hit.

Chakram will be our main attacking skill, and the Razor Disk rune - while not as powerful as some other options - allows us to position the Chakram's better than any other rune, thus maximizing our damage through better accuracy.

Sentry is essential to this build, and while Polar Station is the most popular rune in this slot, Guardian Turret and Spitfire Turret are also sometimes seen. Polar Station has the benefit of slowing enemies around it, enabling you to trigger your Bane of the Trapped gem and Cull the Weak passive. Spitfire Turret will deal more damage, and Guardian Turret will protect you. Polar Station sentries need to be placed near enemies to slow them; Guardian Turret sentries need to be placed near you and your allies for protection; Spitfire Turret sentries can be placed anywhere.

Vengeance with the Seethe rune gives you a huge damage buff and enough Hatred regeneration to spam Chakram endlessly.

For passives, you'll want Cull the Weak, Custom Engineering, Steady Aim (which is now multiplicative with other damage sources), Awareness, and Ambush. If you are not running Polar Sentry, then swap out Ambush for Thrill of the Hunt in order to slow enemies. If you are running Spitfire Turret, then swap out Steady Aim for Ballistics for extra rocket damage.

3. Legendary Gems

Bane of the Trapped, Zeis Stone of Vengeance, and Bane of the Powerful.

4. Paragon Points

Start by getting your Move Speed up to 25, including what might be on your boots, then max out Resource to get the most out of our Sword of Ill Will. Dump the rest into Dexterity. Under Offense, prioritize Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, and then Attack Speed. For Defense, start with All Resist, then Life, then Armor. For Utility, Resource Cost Reduction, Area Damage, and Life on Hit.

5. Playstyle

At least once every five seconds, fire off a Bola in order to trigger your Focus & Restraint and Wraps of Clarity. Lay down turrets according to what rune you've selected (see above), and try to keep your distance from enemies - your Zei's Stone of Vengeance gives you increasing damage the further away you are, maxing out at approximately half a screen away.

Remember to maintain constant Vengeance, and trigger the active on your Companion right before a big fight.

CJ Miozzi is a Senior Editor at The Escapist and is also known as Rhykker on Youtube. You can follow his livestreams on Twitch and Tweet to him @Rhykker.

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