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This Is How We Do It
From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Guide

CJ Miozzi | 28 Aug 2015 19:30
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Phase 2: The Forge (Pre-Torment)

Phase 1 is where your hero is born; phase 2 is where he is bred. Level 70 is where your journey really begins; everything before this point was just a warm-up exercise.

The first thing you'll want to do is either find or create a starter build - a build for each class is presented on the following pages. What you're looking for is synergy among your skills - skills that share the same elemental damage type or that work well together, such as by triggering each other.

Note: You will want to enable Elective Mode in your game options in order to have the freedom to assign (almost) any skill to (almost) any keyboard or mouse button.

Thereafter, you want to gear up as quickly as possible with best-in-slot Rare items. This will be accomplished through a combination of crafting items at the Blacksmith, Enchanting them at the Mystic, gambling for them at Kadala, as well as simply finding them as loot.

Gearing Guide

What makes a Rare item best-in-slot? It has all the properties that you want on it. As a rule of thumb, refer to the graphic on the right. Every item slot can be classified as either offensive, defensive, or a combination of the two. To maximize your damage, offensive slots should only have offensive primary attributes, and mixed slots should have at least one or two offensive primary attributes (Your helmet needs Critical Hit Chance; your bracers need Critical Hit Chance and Elemental Damage; your off-hand needs Critical Hit Chance.)

As you progress into end-game builds, there is a lot more nuance to this system, but as a general rule, you need to maximize your damage at this phase. For a complete rundown on each slot, check out this video playlist.

Check back in the future for more guides on gambling, enchanting, and more.

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