Age of Empires Online
Basic Information

Age of Empires Online is the next chapter in the best-selling Age of Empires PC game franchise. The game features some of the greatest ancient civilizations of history including the Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, and offers hundreds of hours of gameplay for free! And as players grow their empires and look for new adventures, Age of Empires Online delivers the opportunity to buy new Premium Content Packs - everything from entirely new civilizations to Booster Packs with new game modes and more. It's the biggest Age of Empires game ever!

Microsoft Studios
Robot Entertainment, Gas Powered Games
Free to Play
August 16, 2011

  • Play as one of six ancient civilizations - Bablyonian, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse or Persian
  • Go head-to-head against your fellow players, or undertake quests against the computer
  • Pitch in to help your alliance reach the top in Alliance Wars, an ongoing three-way battle for supremacy with special rewards for winners
  • Play for free, or purchase booster packs, new civilizations, custom gear and more
  • Build an empire, guide it to greatness and then lead it to victory on the battlefield - the power is yours!
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About the Game

Age of Empires, one of the most famous real-time strategy franchises of all time, is now a free-to-play online game! Age of Empires Online lets you take control of the Babylonians, the Celts, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Norse or the Persians and attempt to lead them to world domination. While retaining much of the gameplay that made Age of Empires so popular, Age of Empires Online adds an exciting MMO angle that allows players to shepherd a great civilization from its inception through its rise to prominence and, if things don't go well, its fall.

Each player has a Capital City that grows and advances along with the empire it represents. As its level increases, so do its customization options, and the way it's developed has a major influence on the direction and capabilities of its civilization. And because Age of Empires Online is an online game, the Capital City continues to function even when you're not connected, gathering the resources needed to built units.

Being online means plenty of exciting PvP battles against either random players or specific opponents, in both ranked and unranked one-on-one or two-on-two matches. But there are plenty of PvE quests as well, in which you'll have to fight and defeat computer-controlled enemies in matches with specific objectives. Sometimes you'll need to crush your foe outright, but at other times you may be called on to protect a specific building or unit, or harvest a certain amount of resources while fending off enemy attacks. Civilizations also have unique quest lines, and at level 40 you'll unlock ten "legendary quests" that provide large amounts of gold, Empire Points and rare, valuable gear.

Level 40, the highest level in the game, also opens up Alliance Wars, a three-way war for dominance between the Legion of Carthage, the Delian League and the Council of Imhotep. Players contribute Alliance Points to their side by completing quests, winning PvP contests, skirmishing, donating materials and undertaking other tasks, all of which goes to support the cause in Daily, Weekly and Monthly contests. Whichever team has the most Alliance Points at the end of each contest wins!

Age of Empires Online is entirely free-to-play, with optional Pro civilizations, booster packs and other unique content available for purchase. Pro civilizations give access to rare and epic gear, exclusive quest lines, unique units, more inventory space, workshops, craft halls and stores. But it's not "pay to win" - the extra content will upgrade your empire but victory will only go to those who master the game's strategies and tactics.

With competitive and cooperative gameplay in a persistent world, plus plenty of social and customization options, crafting, questing and more, Age of Empires Online is an exciting evolution of the strategy genre.

System Requirements
  • CPU: Dual Core, 2Ghz or higher
  • Video card: 128 MB Shader 2 supported card or higher
  • RAM: Win XP SP3/Vista Home Basic 1GB; Vista Premium, Ultimate/Windows 7 (32 bit) 1.5GB; Windows 7 (64 bit) 2.5GB
  • Hard Drive space: 5 GB required for downloads
  • Connection: Broadband internet required
Age of Empires Online
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