FIFA Online 2
Basic Information

EA Sports FIFA Online 2 brings the authentic soccer experience to your PC! Build a team from scratch using real players and teams, then go head-to-head against the computer or other players online in single matches or through a full World Cup tournament. Teams and coaches gain skill and experience through matches and by trading and selling players, while premium items available for purchase in the Item Shop give your players offensive and defensive boosts, conditional recovery, custom appeareance options and more. Lead your team to the top of the ranks and forge it into a true sports empire in FIFA Online 2!

EA Singapore, Neowiz Games Studio
Free to Play

  • Build a roster based on real-world players and teams
  • Play against the computer or other FIFA fans in single games or seasons, or challenge for the greatest prize of all - the World Cup
  • World Tour matching ensures balanced games for players of all skills
  • Online leaderboard tracks the top 200 World Tour players with twice-daily updates
  • Free-to-play, with a variety of optional items and accessories available for purchase in the Item Store
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About the Game

The long-running FIFA Online 2 is just the thing for long-suffering soccer fans (who would probably prefer to call it "football") who can't figure out why fantasy-RPG gamers get to have all the online fun. In operation since 2006 but with numerous visual updates, FIFA Online 2 lets players create teams based on licensed real-word squads and then take them into action in individual matches against other players, or through the rigors of an entire season.

The FIFA Online 2 "World Tour" PvP mode automatically pairs players against opponents of comparable skills, helping ensure that you won't end up getting wiped out by an opponent of far greater skill. The World Tour mode tracks your performance against other players based on goals scored, won/loss record and other factors. The 2010 FIFA World Cup mode - 2010 being the most recent World Cup - lets you square off against the full roster of 2010 World Cup finalists, plus Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China for soccer's greatest prize. World Cup mode can be played in either single-player PvE mode or multiplayer PvP in a complex simulation that follows the actual schedule of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Finally, a unique Fellowship mode allows you to form a "club" with other players and win Championships and special rewards by beating other Fellowships from around the world.

But leading your team on the pitch isn't enough - you'll also have to manage your roster, ensuring that you have a squad of skilled, healthy players ready to take the field. Each player has detailed statistics and skills including General, Offense, Defense, Passing/Dribbling and Goalkeeping, and will level up as he plays. Their condition, abilities and energy level will also change over time, and can be restored through rest or by giving them energy drinks available in the Item Store, along with other accessories that can provide valuable boosts to their skills and abilities. And just like real life, each player is under contract that will have to be managed and accommodated if you want to keep them on your side.

FIFA Online 2 is a great free-to-play experience for soccer fans. Assemble your players, pick your strategies, build a sporting empire and lead it to victory - and make your mark on the beautiful game.

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System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • CPU: Pentium 3 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics: GeForce 4 or Radeon 9000 series video card with DirectX 9.0c
  • OS: Windows XP
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics: GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9600 with DirectX 9.0c
FIFA Online 2
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