Hello Kitty Online
Basic Information

Hello Kitty Online is the official massively multiplayer online game of Hello Kitty and Friends, and the first game to integrate social networking web services into the game experience. Set in the magical world of Sanrio Land, players will embark on a fun-filled adventure and visit breathtakingly cute locales such as Sanrio Harbour and the Flower Kingdom, or socialize in Sanrio Versions of real world cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Lots of fun-filled activities await players in the game including puzzles, quests, and an enchanting storyline. Hello Kitty Online is more than an ordinary MMO because it is integrated with SanrioTown, the official Hello Kitty community. Many of SanrioTown's features and award-winning technologies are available within the game, making it a great way for players to meet friends and socialize in a warm and friendly environment.

Sanrio Digital
Sanrio Digital
July 1, 2009

  • Visit and explore locations ranging from the Flower Kingdom and Dream Forest to fantasy versions of London, Tokyo and other famous cities
  • Work on your own private farm, build your dream house and decorate it as you like, or just play some mini-games with your online friends
  • Build up a collection of pets that give you special abilities and bonuses
  • Undertake missions from Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Dear Daniel, Keroppi and others, and get help from them along the way
  • Integration with SanrioTown offers instant access to Hello Kitty blogs, videos, email and more
  • Free to play
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About the Game

Hello Kitty Online brings Sanrio's much-loved Hello Kitty characters to life in their very own MMO universe. Beginning in either The Dream Carnival or Sanrio Harbor, you can take part in all sorts of activities, like digging for ore, picking fruit from trees, tending farm crops, cooking, making furniture, tailoring clothing and even building a house! But it's not all digital chores: There are plenty of mini-games to play, and Hello Kitty herself, plus other favorites like My Melody, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru and Dear Daniel, will provide missions and guidance, allowing you to improve your skills and earn experience points and special rewards.

Once you've built your house, you can decorate it with a wide variety of furniture and decorations, and then invite friends over for a party! There are also pets you can pick up on your journey that will follow you around and provide special abilities and bonuses. The game features realms of magic and wonder like the Flower Kingdom and the Dream Forest, and also locations based on real-world cities like London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. And because it's integrated into SanrioTown, the official online community for Sanrio fans, a click of the mouse will let you read blogs, watch videos and send emails to other SanrioTown users.

Best of all, Hello Kitty Online is free! But if you want even more, you can go shopping in the Item Mall, which offers avatar customization items like swanky clothes and cool equipment, and even things like unique facial expressions, hair and skin tones. You can also buy special land certificates and limited edition pets that can't be found anywhere else, and even send gifts to your friends!

With eye-catching graphics and excellent audio full of Hello Kitty songs and sound effects, Hello Kitty Online is a fun, light-hearted MMO that is guaranteed to provide cheerful entertainment to players of all skill levels and ages. So get started today and make some friends in Hello Kitty Online!

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System Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 1.5Ghz+
  • RAM: 512MB(1GB recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 5GB Disk Space
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Windows Vista
  • Connection: 56K or faster
  • Display: support for DirectX8.0 or higher
  • Sound Card: support for DirectSound
Hello Kitty Online

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