Hero Online
Basic Information

Hero Online places you in a world of Chinese mysticism where, in the aftermath of a great ruler's death, evil demons have risen to ravage the world. You must take up the martial arts and fight these demons until peace can return to the land.

Free to Play

  • A deep story written by a collection of martial arts novelists.
  • A variety of character classes.
  • A deep system of martial arts skills to learn and master.
  • Form your own House, have other players join and then go to war with other houses
  • An easy to use party system
  • Tame your own pet!
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    About the Game

    Hero Online is an MMORPG based off a series of martial arts novels. Taking place in a world where twelve evil demons have risen and are wreaking havoc, the player must take up the fight against the monsters ravaging the world. When the game begins you can pick one of five character classes and then set out into the world to train yourself in combat and the martial arts.

    You won't be going it alone, though. You'll encounter other players, be able to form a House that they can join and even wage war on competing Houses. With fast-paced action at the core of the game, there's never a dull moment in Hero Online.

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    System Requirements
    • OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2K / XP
    • CPU: Pentium III 800MHz
    • RAM: 256MB
    • HDD: 2.0GB
    • Graphics Card: Geforce 2MX
    • OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2K / XP / Vista
    • CPU: Pentium IV 1.8Ghz or better
    • RAM: 512MB or more
    • HDD: 2.0GB
    • Graphics Card: Geforce4 MX440 / ATI radeon 9200 or higher
    Hero Online
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