JX2 Online
Basic Information

In ancient China conflict has begun to rise between the competing clans that control the land. In JX2 Online you must choose which clan to side with and then use your skills both in and out of combat to bring them glory.

Free to Play

  • Multiple class factions to choose from.
  • Four body types to base your character off of.
  • Fun, isometric combat.
  • A deep resource collection and crafting system.
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    About the Game

    JX2 Online puts you in the role of a budding warrior in ancient China. After selecting a character type you must then take on quests that you can complete for experience and treasure. When your character climbs to level ten you can then select a class and join of the warring clans that have brought the land to its knees.

    When you're not fighting foes and monsters, you can partake in JX2 Online's excellent crafting system. Search the countryside for resources and then use them to build weapons, tools and other treasures you can use in game.

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    System Requirements
    • CPU : Pentium III 500 and above and other compatible systems
    • Disc Space : At least 1.5GB and above free space
    • Operating System : Microsoft Window 98/2000/XP
    • Memory : At least 128MB RAM and above
    • Display Card : Supports DirectX and above with 16MB 3D acceleration and 100% system compatibility
    • Sound Card : Supports DirectX 9 and above with 100% system compatibility
    • Controls : Keyboard/Mouse
    • Internet Capabilities : ADSL or Cable Modem
    • Version/Function/Purpose : English/Edutainment Software
    JX2 Online
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