Kings Road
Basic Information

Kings Road sends you to the world of Alderstone. Locked in turmoil, it needs heroes to help rid it of the evils that plague its lands.

Rumble Entertainment
Free to Play,Browser based

  • A browser-based MMORPG
  • Seamless drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer.
  • Three unique classes.
  • Colorful fantasy visuals.
  • Screenshots And Videos

    About the Game

    Kings Road is a fantasy MMORPG that you can play straight from the convenience of your browser. Play as one of three fun character classes, taking on quests and fighting monsters in the colorful fantasy world of Alderstone.

    If you get tired of playing solo you can seek help from other players via Kings Road's easy to use drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. You can initiate and end cooperative play with a few easy steps, making Kings Road a fun and convenient game for all fans of online role-playing.

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    System Requirements
    Kings Road
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