League Of Legends
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League of Legends files the sharp corners off of the notorious MOBA genre into something that's both approachable, yet challenging. Persistant character development lets you develop your strategies over time and build up your summoner profile, while runes can grant you the edge. The community is both highly competitive, yet well-policed. Think you have what it takes to compete in the League of Legends?

Riot Games
Riot Games
Free to Play
October 27th 2009

  • Over one hundred heroes to pick from.
  • Persistant character development.
  • Well-developed meta-game
  • Highly competitive PvP.
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About the Game

League of Legends follows the same formula perfected in the MOBA genre for years, but it takes it one step further with persistant character development. Every match earns you experience, which increases the level of your summoner. Higher levels let you equip different spells and runes which increase your power and let you plan for different strategies.

League of Legends is free to play, and every week there's a new roster of free heroes to pick from. From there, you can unlock new heroes using the credits you earn in every match, letting you keep your favorites around forever. There are hundreds of heroes to pick from, with more being added all the time. There's always a new strategy or combo to be found!

Competitive games can have harsh communities, and Riot Games has worked really hard ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. At the end of each match, players can rate each other. Helpful players get rewarded, while rude players are warned. Egregious examples go before the player-run tribunal, so actual incident of abuse can be dealt with.

Riot Games has crafted a highly competitive game and to prove it, they host annual tournaments with millions of dollars at stake. Don't feel quite up to the challenge? Then watch the matches live, complete with official commentary. Who knows, maybe you'll even learn a thing or two!

System Requirements
  • OS: PC or Mac
  • CPU: 2GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: Shader 2.0 capable graphics card
League Of Legends
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plz give us some give awaysss


is it cool if i drop this here, would be nice to get some ppl into the game while getting something back xD

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