Legend of Edda
Basic Information

Battle rages between the forces of the Titans and the Olympians. Create a character and join the fight to take your place in the [I]Legend of Edda[/i].

Free to Play
Open Beta

  • Intense PvP action.
  • A colorful, cute world.
  • Deep and expansive lore detailing the world and its history.
  • Create a custom hero.
  • Multiple player classes.
  • Collect pets!
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    About the Game

    Legend of Edda is a top down anime inspired MMORPG that puts the player in a colorful world of fantasy. Join the war between the Olympians and the Titans, creating a character from a variety of diverse character classes and then taking them into challenging and fun battles against monsters and your fellow players.

    You can also take on fun quests and delve into instanced dungeons for loot and experience. Once you've perfect your solo game you can create or join a guild and then partake in guild actions and competitions.

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    Legend of Edda
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