America's Army
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Fourteen months ago, the Czervenian government, controlled by the PKC began expelling civilians from the country by military force. Over 300,000 people have been displaced and those who refused to leave have been executed. Czervenian President Kazimir Adzic and the PKC threaten to destabilize the region. U.N. Security Council resolutions failed to resolve the conflict and U.N. aid workers are overwhelmed. A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is imminent if decisive action is not taken. The RDO government and the U.N. have requested the help of the United States. The President has sent the U.S. Army to resolve the situation.

U.S. Army
Free to Play
July 2002 (first iteration)

  • If you've ever wondered what a realistic military shooter is like, this is that shooter.
  • If you've ever wondered what life in the Army is like, this is also that shooter.
  • It's spawned its own comic book series. No, really.
  • Regular updates take you to new conflict zones.
  • Accumulate Honor Points for good play; that means doing what your sergeant tells you, not necessarily making a sweet head shot.
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About the Game

This has been described as a recruiting tool for the US Army. The Army prefers to think of it as a tool for providing "virtual insights," as a means of giving American youth - potential recruits - a way of finding out whether a career in the Army really is for them.

As such, it's very realistic. You can't soak up damage like a Team Fortress 2 heavy; one or two shots, and you're out. There's a very heavy emphasis on team work and honor play, and you won't be allowed to progress if you don't follow the rules. Progression in this instance means access to future missions, experience, and potentially medals, if you really do well on the battlefield.

In short, it takes itself very seriously. From the game's FAQ: damaging official Army personnel, civilians, friendlies, official Army equipment and incapacitated enemies all counts as a violation of the Rules of Engagement, which is punishable in-game. In other words, it's about ethics as much as it is gunfights.

This game is currently on iteration 3.3; America's Army 4 has been announced, but hasn't launched. All told, there have been over 26 versions of this game released into the wild. America's Army is available via Steam, or the official site, and it does support community modding via the mission editor tool.

This is a free to play title, without microtransactions or a VIP subscription. You don't pay a thing, though there's an impressive selection of real-world tchotchke available for sale, which helps defray costs.

In elementary school kids learn about the actions of the Continental Army that won our freedoms under George Washington and the Army's role in ending Hitler's oppression. Today they need to know that the Army is engaged around the world to defeat terrorist forces bent on the destruction of America and our freedoms. The game provides a virtual means to explore a variety of Soldier experiences in basic training, advanced training, and training missions in real world Army units, so that young adults can see how our training builds and prepares Soldiers to serve in units in defense of freedom.

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System Requirements
  • Processor (CPU)3.0+ GHz Single Core CPU (Minimum)
  • Memory (RAM)1GB RAM (Minimum)
  • Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card with 256MB RAM(NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better) (Minimum)
  • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card (Minimum)
  • Hard Drive Space: 5GB free hard drive space
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • 2.4+ GHz Dual/Quad Core CPU (Recommended)
  • Processor (CPU) Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Memory (RAM)2GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Video Card:(NVIDIA 7950 or better/ATI X1950 or better) (Recommended)
  • Sound Card: Creative EAX 4.0 compliant sound card (Audigy 2, X-Fi series) (Recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 5GB free hard drive space
  • Broadband Internet Connection
America's Army
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