MLB Dugout Heroes
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A Major League Baseball title, also known as Slugger in Korea; MLB Dugout Heroes was its name in the US and Canada. This game's servers shut down February 29th 2012.


  • Deader than disco.
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You're the coach, and have complete control over your team. This title had a licensing deal that allowed it to use real players and parks. Though you could play as your favorite team, you could also build your own, and send it out to glory, or ignominious defeat.

The following post from a MLB Manager Online (also defunct, as of 2012) forum may be useful to you. This comes from user SNB914 and was posted May 2012:

"This [the closure of MLB Manager Online] is tough to see, but I just went through a very similar situation with MLB Dugout Heroes, which I had been playing for over 1.5 years and spent over $1,500 on. It was a dream game for me because it incorporated the historical aspect of baseball with today's players as well. I put in a lot of work out of my own time for that game, so it was crushing to see it go. Now, I see the same thing happening with this game. I guess that an MLB license is tough for any game to maintain."

Though it had a site, it's since been nabbed by squatters; a visit is not recommended.

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MLB Dugout Heroes
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