Mu Online
Basic Information

Produced by Webzen, the fantasy MMORPG MU Online is one of the leading online games developed in Korea. MU Online is a highly involved fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU, featuring seven different classes with a wide range of skills, numerous quests, monsters to slay and hundreds of items to collect and upgrade.

Free to Play
October 6, 2003

  • Seven unique character classes
  • Quest across nearly 20 maps crawling with dozens of different monsters
  • Collect rare armor, weapons and other items, and then upgrade them to make them even more powerful
  • Special events in unique game areas will challenge your skills
  • Free to play
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About the Game

MU Online is an isometric fantasy MMO set in the lost continent of Mu, first postulated in the 19th century as an advanced civilization which sunk, Atlantis-like, into the ocean. Upon entering the game, players will choose a class - Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fair Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner or Rage Fighter - and then undertake quests across more than a dozen unique maps. You'll wield mighty weapons and powerful magics, slaying monsters and searching for treasures as you advance through more than 220 character levels.

Dozens of different monsters await your attention, and many of the items you find can be upgraded with magic jewels. You'll be able to train skills with skill books and special NPCs, and engage in trade with your fellow players. And if you're feeling lucky, you can take your chances with Moss the Gambler, who may just reward you with a rare item never before seen on the continent of Mu. PvP is on the table, but players who don't want to do battle with their fellows can opt for a non-PvP channel, where they'll be free to play to their heart's content without fear of unwanted attacks.

MU Online is now free-to-play, with a wide range of convenience and customization items and more available for purchase with "W Coins," the universal Webzen currency.

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System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.0 Ghz or Higher
System Memory: 1 GB or higher
Video Card: 3D graphics processor
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk Space: 2GB or Higher

Mu Online
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