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Pirate101 is a free to play MMO Pirate adventure game with flying ships, board game combat and far off worlds that's safe for kids and fun for players of all ages! The game allows players to create their own Pirate to sail through the Skyway in hopes of treasure and daring quests.

KingsIsle Entertainment
KingsIsle Entertainment
Free to Play
October 8, 2012

  • Make your own pirate and rule the Skyways
  • Tactical turn-based combat offers a break from the action MMO grind
  • Engaging ship-to-ship battles with multiple realistic phases
  • Customizable player housing
  • Companion system lets you recruit your own crew of colorful scallywags
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About the Game

The makers of Wizard101 follow up with a pirate-themed MMO that tries to hit the same notes of a safe but engaging experience. Instead of Harry Potter though, it's Pirates of the Caribbean this game is pulling from, even though the 2 games from Kingsisle are in the same universe. Pirate101 features a linear story focusing on those who take advantage of superior firepower to harry the Skyways and capture unsuspecting ships. Wait, did you say Skyways? Yeah, these pirates fly through the air!

You have a bit of choice in how you play your pirate. There's 5 classes (Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler, Witchdoctor) that break down to basic MMO archetypes like Tank, Ranged DPS, Healer, Stealth DPS and Caster DPS respectively. Combat is handled in a tactical turn-based boardgame-like interface in which you give orders to your companions (your colorful crew) and then watch the battle play out in fully rendered 3D graphics.

Ship to ship battles are equally engaging. Not only can you collect and customize your fleet of ships, but combat is a complex affair involving setting up long range artillery attacks and broadsides. Once you get close enough, you can then board an enemy ship in a form of the tactical combat using your crew of companions.

A lot of the personal touches KingsIsle games are known for are in Pirate101 too. You can customize your own house, and buy multiple abodes on islands across the expansive game world.

There's also a fair amount of features that focus on making Pirate101 a safe haven for players of all ages. Pirate101 doesn't let players create names that are offensive or engage in chat that might cross the line into content you wouldn't want your 5 year old to hear. The standard chat system doesn't let you type whatever, but limits conversations through a Menu Chat system in which you pick responses from drop down lists. It's restrictive, but if you're concerned with what you're exposed to as a player it is perfectly functional in most in-game conversations. If you are over 18, however, you can engage in open chat.

You can purchase game content in discrete chapters of story - there are currently 12 "books" - that introduce new skyways to explore and exploit with your pirate crew. Or you can go the subscription model and only use the currency of Crowns (usable in all KingsIsle games) to buy items from the Crown Shop.

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System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP
  • CPU: 1GHz Intel
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Video Card: Geforce 2 Equivalent (or better)
  • Hard Drive Space: 5 GB Free
  • Connection: Internet Connection Required
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When I read about the chatting, I was thinking 'I'd probably curse like a pirate, but I wouldn't swear'.. Stuff like, "May ye walk the plank over the deepest o'waters!" Or something like that.. that's just part of the game!

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