ARGO Online
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At time of writing, this is a title in transition. Alaplaya will soon be passing control over the game to another developer: MGame. This transfer period will last until March 31 2013, at the end of which time MGame will be running ARGO. The reasons given for the switch included a low player count, which meant that the developer couldn't assign enough resources to the title.

When run by Alaplaya this was a free to play with microtransactions; presumably MGame will use the same format.

Free to Play
April 2011

  • Defend the planet from the Noblians, or use your Noblian technology to remake the world anew.
  • Steampunk fantasy!
  • RTS mode adds a little strategy to your fantasy.
  • Title is currently in transition to a new developer.
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About the Game

This is a steampunk fantasy MMO RPG. The world went to hell in a handbasket, and now humanity's crawling out of the ashes. The Noblian want to rebuild everything pretty much as it was, but better; the Floresslah, nature-lovers that they are, want to keep the growing green world that took over when humanity crumbled.

You can face off against the mutated creatures and other hazards of your brave new world, or engage in PvP against the enemy faction. There's territories to explore, dungeons to delve, and NPCs with quests to give you; the main draw here is the setting itself, which - with its steampunk aesthetic - is slightly different to the usual run of Fantasy tropes packaged as an RPG.

From the official site:

ARGO Online is a post apocalyptical MMORPG with RTS elements. It combines great Fantasy- and futuristic Steampunk - Style elements into a bombastic online RPG which teleports you into a post-world-war realm and coerce you to choose between these two races: The Noblian - apologists of technology and progress or the "Floresslah" which are living in symbiosis with nature. Which one would you chose? Do you see the future of mankind in the evolution of technologies or in the symbiosis with nature?

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System Requirements
  • P4 2.8GB Processor, 512MB Ram, GeForce 6600 256MB, HDD 6GB
  • Core 2Duo 2.3GB Processor, 2GB Ram, GeForce 9400 GT 512MB
ARGO Online
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