Savage 2
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Also known as Savage 2: A Tortured Soul.

Only when their prey became scarce, when the tattered shreds of humanity became scattered threads, only then did the daemons creep back toward their hellpits, leaving behind bleached bones and unnatural silence. At last, they vanished altogether. Nothing but the scarred earth from which they had come marked their passage.

The madness ended, but in its grip Man had fallen into darkness that did not lift. Less than the creatures over which he had once been lord, the shadow of the shadow of his former glory, Man eked out a grim existence. And in this state, he long endured.

This is free-to-play, with a premium account subscription system that allows you access to certain portions of the game. It is available via Steam and Desura.

S2 Games
January 16, 2008

  • Fancy slugging it out on the battlefield? No problem! Take this sword, hit that guy over there. Collect his soul; you'll want it, and gold, to buy stuff.
  • Want a little more authority? Maybe you should become an officer, and command a squad.
  • Think you're a tactical genius? Welcome, Commander! Hope you like RTS.
  • Want to indulge in a little RPG action? Sure, no problem.
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About the Game

This is a little difficult to quantify. The setting is a ravaged fantasy land - hence the Savage in the title - with some RPG elements. But most of your time will be spent in first person shooter style battles; or rather, first person stabber, as there's a heavy focus on melee combat. There's an RTS element as one player - elected by the other players - is the unseen Commander of your force, who gives orders from his vantage point on high. The Commander can also intervene directly with magic, and build structures for your team. If you're on the ground, you're probably in part of a squad, led by an officer whose role is to pass on the Commander's diktats. The objective, in true RTS fashion, is to capture and destroy the enemy base ...

In short, it's pretty unique. As Commander, you'll need to play aggressively, but not incautiously, since you need to keep an eye on your upkeep. Your team's weapons and equipment will degrade over time unless paid for, and that means you'll need gold. Your team can get gold by owning mines, or by destroying specific NPCs and structures. The troops on the ground may not appreciate the danger of low upkeep, but the Commander had better be paying attention, or all that effort on the battlefield will go to waste.

If you opt to slug it out toe-to-toe with the foe, you start off as one of the cheap n'cheerful classes, that cost nothing to play. If you want to upgrade to something more flashy, like a Legionnaire, you'll need to accumulate gold. This is distinct from team gold; team gold keeps the army functional, while your own loot lets you buy stuff. Each kill also gives you your victim's soul, which can - if there's a shrine present - be used to buy special, upgraded Hellbourne units. Guess who's building that shrine? Step forward, Commander!

All of which means that, if your team is to have any chance at all, you need to be working together. The Commander needs to be on top of things, gathering cash for upkeep, building structures, and casting spells. The troops need to be out there hitting the enemy where it hurts, and while FPS skills are important, so is obeying your Officer's orders. The best soldier on the battlefield is useless, if his attacks can't be directed against the most useful targets.

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System Requirements
  • Processor - 1.0Ghz or faster
  • RAM - 256Mb or higher
  • Video Card - 64Mb Geforce or Radeon
  • Windows Win98se, Win2k, XP
  • Network Connection Required (56k and up)
  • Processor - 2.0Ghz or faster
  • RAM - 512Mb or higher
  • Video Card - 256Mb Geforce 6800+ or Radeon 9800+
  • Windows Win98se, Win2k, XP
  • Network Connection Required (Broadband)
Savage 2
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