WAR2 Glory
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Unleash your inner Patton in WAR2 Glory. Take command of the military and industrial power of your nation and bend it to your will as you do battle against to create your army. From there, you'll deploy your troops against other players in a nuanced strategy game where even the little guys can win the day with the right strategy.

Just A Game
Free to Play,Browser based

  • Deep strategy layered with nuanced combat
  • Over 40 authentic military units to deploy
  • Persistent gameplay rewards planning ahead
  • Beautiful 2D graphics that runs right in the browser
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About the Game

WAR2 Glory is a real-time military strategy game that plays right in your browser. Set in the dramatic landscape of WWII, you'll build up your industry, manage your troops, and expand your influence, all in the name of victory. History might be decided, but WAR2 Glory lets you rewrite it as you see fit, assuming you have the brains for it!

Battles can take place on either land, sea or air, so you'll need to bring the right mixture of troops with you to a fight. With over 40 authentic period units, you'll be able to find your ace in the hole anywhere. The realistic combat system is nuanced enough to allow a skilled commander to exploit small holes in an opponent's strategy. WAR2 Glory lets you scout for weaknesses, target strategic locations, and wear away at defenses. Make daring raids by yourself or form an alliance with friends to tackle larger opponents.

To lead your troops, you'll have to pick the right officer for the job, as each one is very unique. Officers are measured by a number of different stats to help you decide what role they best fit. From there, you can train them further by using specialized buildings, or even change out their equipment for that added punch.

Behind every great army is a tireless industry. WAR2 Glory requires that you manage your homeland as well as your troops. Construct and upgrade your buildings, stockpile resources, and set your plan in motion. All construction takes place in either one of two zones: military and industrial. You'll have to balance your resources and time between the two as you choose between 21 buildings to construct.

There's also the future to think about. You'll have to research different technologies to gain the edge in future battles. To that end, there are 21 different technologies to research, each one with their own benefits. Choosing the right tech at the right time can be the key to victory.

Meanwhile, the world ticks by in real time, forcing you to plan your grand strategy hours, if not days, in advance. But once the gears of war start to turn, the real generals are separated from the privates.

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System Requirements
  • Java-enabled browser
WAR2 Glory
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