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Wartune is a 2D fantasy RPG that runs in your browser without any download. Fight to protect your homeland from the forces of evil and gain some personal glory along the way. Your personal adventure will include dungeons, city building, PVP combat, and crafting. Featuring a mix of strategy, quick-paced combat reminiscent of classic Japanese RPGs, Wartune can give players that quick fix, but still keep you around for hours.

Reality Squared Games (R2 Games)
Proficient City Limited
Free to Play,Browser based

  • Fast, JRPG-like Combat
  • City-building strategy layer lets you upgrade your character and his troops
  • No download, loads quickly in any browser
  • Astral system lets you collected and combine your powerups
  • Massive PVP battles
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About the Game

Wartune lets you hop into the action right away. Even signing up for an account is fast. From there, you'll pick from three different classes, each with their own unique style of play. You'll maneuver about the world map, taking quests, talking to NPCs and exploring the beautiful 2D landscape. Attacking a monster will send you to a side-by-side combat, similar to classic Japanese RPGs, but you'll still use your abilities and items from a hotbar like other MMOs. To keep things rolling fast, you'll occasionally have to press a series of random keys after an attack for bonus damage.

Outside of fighting, you'll have to build your city up, which adds a strategy layer to the game. Upgrading your town will give you better troops to fight with, better weapons, and opens up crafting options. The innovative Astral system lets you collect and combine stars into thousands of different powerups so you can always find that unique edge.

You can band together with your friends to pillage other cities. You can even tackle huge boss monsters together in a single, massive battle, with rewards being dished out by who did the most damage. Outside of PVP, you can still go dungeon diving with a group, tackling large hoards of monsters and carrying back armfuls of loot. If you don't know where to start, the long list of daily quests should help get you on your way.

System Requirements
  • Flash-capable browser
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