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Wizard101 is a free to play MMO Wizard school adventure game with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds that's safe for kids and fun for players of all ages! The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore the many different worlds.

KingsIsle Entertainment
KingsIsle Entertainment,
Free to Play,Browser based
September 2, 2008

  • Learn to become a wizard in a fully realized 3D environment
  • Explore different worlds based on real world mythology or locations like Krokotopia (Egypt) and Grizzleheim (Scandinavia)
  • Meet various professor of magic schools such as Moolinda Wu (Life Magic School) and Cyrus Drake (Myth School)
  • Collectible card-based combat system
  • Impressive amount of customization including player housing, crafting and gardening systems.
  • Free to play with robust options for subscriptions or pay per zone. You can buy ingame gold as well as cosmetic items such as mounts and pets in the Crown Store.
  • Arena PvP in a pay per match arena as well as a pet battle system
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About the Game

Wizard101 is designed to offer the kind of play associated with AAA MMOs but in a family-friendly environment. There's a Harry Potter feel to the experience as you take the role of a student of magic at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Combat is stylized in battles in which you cast spells represented by collectible cards.

Members of different schools of magic have access to different kinds of spells. The schools range from the unoriginal but useful Fire or Ice schools, to the more interesting ones, like the Myth school, which lets you summon creatures to do your bidding. Once you hit Level 50, the secondary schools of Sun, Moon and Star become available to give you new spell options like enchantments, auras, and polymorph.

Polymorph is important because it lets you swap out your deck of spells. You see, Wizard101 takes a cue from Magic the Gathering, in that you assemble a deck of your spell cards to bring to any given battle. By allowing you to swap out your deck, the Polymorph abilities from the Star school let you adapt during a battle.

There's an impressive amount of personal touch available to players of Wizard101. You start out with a dorm room at the Ravenwood school, but you can eventually work up to buying a house, and even a castle. Visiting friend's houses is a snap, and that's how you can show off your decorations. Among the normal furniture and wall hangings, you have the ability to cultivate plants with a detailed gardening system.

As for the family friendly aspect, Wizard101 doesn't let players create names that are offensive or engage in chat that might cross the line into content you wouldn't want your 5 year old to hear. The standard chat system doesn't let you type whatever, but limits conversations through a Menu Chat system in which you pick responses from drop down lists. It's restrictive, but if you're concerned with what you're exposed to as a player it is perfectly functional in most in-game conversations. If you are over 18, however, you can engage in open chat.

The free to play option is pretty strict, confining the player to the Ravenwood school and a few adventuring areas. There's a monthly subscription plan, complete with family discounts, but you can also buy access to the other areas piecemeal. The pricing scheme for converting the currency of crowns to real money is a bit confusing (2500 crowns = $5 US, but zones can cost anywhere from 750 crowns to 1995 crowns) but you certainly have options to pay as much or as little you want. Crowns aren't just used to unlock zones, as you can buy anything from spell cards and equipment to custom mounts and pets in the Crown store. Some PVP in the arena also costs Crowns, but you can also buy access to a Henchman to help you with a dungeon if your friends aren't logged in.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 98SE or later versions
  • API: DirectX 9.0c or newer
  • CPU: 1GHz Intel Processor
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Graphics Card: Best results with GeForce 2 or equivalent (standard in most PCs)
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