Avalon Heroes
Basic Information

Avalon Heroes is a tactical battle game pitting players and their character heroes in combat against hordes of monsters, in teams and against each other.

Free to Play

  • Multiple heroes to collect and master.
  • Team up with friends and create guilds to organize your play.
  • Partake in one of several diverse game modes, each exploring a different facet of the game experience.
  • User friendly for beginners but challenging enough for experienced players.
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    About the Game

    Avalon Heroes thrusts players into a world of tactical battle where competing factions wage war with each other in an ongoing competition. The free-to-play, online combat of Avalon Heroes gives players multiple ways to duke it out with their opponents.

    In Arena Mode you must take your hero solo against a horde of monsters. In Adventure Mode you can join with up to eight friends and do battle with powerful foes too strong to tackle alone. Scenario Mode takes you through story based battles that flesh out the world of Avalon Heroes, and Plaza Mode gives you a chance to create guilds with friends, upgrade your equipment and ready your hero for the next battle.

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    Avalon Heroes
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