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Created by a team of more than 150 world-renowned game developers and designers, the vast and incredibly detailed world of BLESS is painstakingly brought to life by pushing the boundaries of what's possible through the award winning Unreal Engine 3 graphics technology. Soak in the sights and completely immerse yourself in this living, breathing world full of rich lore and history.

Through cinematic storytelling techniques, a detailed historical backdrop and deeply involved characters BLESS strives to completely reinvent how stories are told in a MMORPG by making it a more profound, emotional experience. Each of the 10 races has its own personal story where decisions you make in the game ultimately affect how the world reacts around you.

Whether it's realm-vs-realm, PvP, epic raids, or high level missions, there will never be a shortage of things to do in BLESS. Simply collecting items is not enough. When you reach max level, your characters will continue to develop through end-game content that are all intricately tied together, and the world around you will react differently based on your status, accomplishments and prestige.

Neowiz Games
Bless Studios
Closed Beta

  • A Spectacular, Photo-Realistic, Seamless Fantasy World
  • A Deeply Personal, Immersive Storytelling Experience
  • Engaging End-Game Content
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 3
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In most mainstream MMO gaming experiences, graphics aren't always the biggest concern. After all, processing capabilities can vary from system to system, so it makes sense to have a low graphical benchmark when developing your game's visuals. That benchmark slowly changes, however, as technology advances render even browser games as visually advanced experiences. Games like Bless can even list highly advanced graphics and visuals as a primary feature, thanks to a fantasy worlds presented in ways that simply weren't possible for previous gaming generations.

Bless is an upcoming MMO by Korean games developer Neowiz built with the Unreal Engine 3. From all appearances, Neowiz is using Unreal's advanced capabilities to design a world that is simultaneously realistic and fantastic. Correctly-proportioned humans with detailed character models can be seen fighting dragons alongside an anthropomorphized half-cat race, and somehow it all fits together quite well. The environments are beautifully crafted, based on such real-world canyons, grasslands, and cities that are as varied as they are asthetically pleasing.

Bless's gameplay itself is centered on traditional MMORPG combat and leveling. Players will design a character, explore the world, complete quests, gain experience, and fight monsters by clicking on various skill buttons. While Bless may not reinvent that particular wheel, the game's environment and model designs can make it all the more immersive. Players look like believable warriors setting on a heroic journey, taking on detailed and threatening skeletons, dragons, and giants. Even the standard "click-to-kill" gameplay is elevated somewhat by smooth animations that make combats engaging and visually striking.

Once your character has experienced the game's story and traversed its world, there will still be lots of available content. Bless provides PVP combat options, realm-vs-realm engagements, massive raids, and even high-level quests. Neowiz states that development will continue even beyond a character's max level through end-game content, presumably through advanced weapons and armor. Finally, Bless notes that the world reacts to the status and accomplishments of characters, implying that each completed task can open up new activities and locations for players to explore.

Despite its unreleased state, Bless is an impressive looking MMO with a visually striking art style. The game may not radically alter traditional MMO conventions, but it still presents a gorgeously detailed world that players will find hours of engagement adventuring in.

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