Dragons of Atlantis
Basic Information

The ancient lands of Atlantis are calling, will you answer? Choose between four tribes to lead to domination in this massively-multiplayer strategy game. Build up your city, train your troops, even pillage other players, all in real time from within your browser!

Free to Play,Browser based

  • Choose between four tribes.
  • Resurrect an ancient dragon.
  • Dozens of buildings and units to pick from.
  • Join alliences, fight together, and trade resources.
  • Play in your browser without a download.
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About the Game

Back in the dawn of time, The Ancient Ones created four tribes. They were the Solerians, Amazons, native Zolmecs, and the Primus. Now is your time to lead one of these tribes to domination in the magical world of Atlantis. It's a time of civilization, of war, and most importantly, of dragons!

Your first task is to pick a tribe to lead, each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. Next, you'll start to build up your empire, one building at a time. Here's where you'll have to think hours or days into the future, because everything from construction to researching takes place in real time! Choose to build houses or factories, a rookery or garrison. With over a dozen buildings to pick from, you'll have your work cut out for you!

After that, you'll have to raise an army. You can start with your typical fantasy units like halberdsmen and longbowmen. Eventually, you can recruit fantastic units like battle dragons and minotaurs!

Once you build up your forces and think you have a plan in place, it's time to test your mettle in combat. You can raid and pillage other cities, and even attack other players!

Atlantis doesn't have to be a lonely place. Join up with others in an alliance and work together to further your cause. Teamwork can win the day as you trade resources and fight together as one.

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System Requirements
  • Flash-capable browser.
Dragons of Atlantis
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