Modern War
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From the game's site:

Build a global military empire and destroy your enemies in Modern War!

Become the most powerful Commander and take over the world! Build up your base, complete missions, and battle other players!

This is an iOS/Android title. Gree calls itself the largest mobile gaming network in the world, and it does boast a ton of free-to-play apps. Modern War is a free-to-play title with microtransactions.

Gree, INC
Free to Play

  • Fight in monthly LIVE World Domination events.
  • Bring glory to your nation, or just raid your neighbors for resources.
  • Premium currency - gold - can be used to buy special units/buildings, but there are plenty of ways to win without spending real world cash.
  • Strong in-game community.
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About the Game

Nobody's ever going to mistake this for Arma 3, but Modern War tries is darndest to bring wargaming into the mobile game spectrum. Your character builds up his base, adds to his army, and raids other players for cash and XP. There's a lot of faction vs faction stuff going on, but if you want to avoid the drama there's no reason why you can't go it alone for a while, and build up your resources.

You can play as one of several real world nations - China, the UK, the US, Iran, and so on - fighting for your country, and attempting to expand its influence. Each building you construct in your base contributes to your overall power, either by supplying or refining resources, or by helping you defend against attacks. Each unit has an attack and a defense stat, and one is matched against the other to see who wins in a fight. You can bring in allies to help you out if the objective's proving too difficult. The main focus here is on PvP - though there is a PvE element - and if this game interests you, you're advised to check out the forum FAQs.

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System Requirements
  • This is an Android/iOS title.
Modern War
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