Camelot Unchained
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Camelot Unchained is the working title for a proposed RvR-focused MMORPG from the ex-head of Mythic Entertainment which published Dark Age of Camelot back in the early 2000s. The Kickstarter campaign asks for $2 million to create an MMO which focuses entirely on PVP combat and promises to be nothing like WoW.

City State Entertainment
City State Entertainment

  • Realm Vs. Realm gameplay will provide the only progression in Camelot Unchained
  • A vital and necessary crafting and building systems for player-made items to drive the economy, complete with a crafting-focused class.
  • Rock, paper, scissors class design ensures all five classes will be required to perform well in PvP
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About the Game

There's plenty of information to be had from the Kickstarter campaign page for Camelot Unchained, but it's impossible to say at this very early stage of development how the game will turn out. The CEO of City State Entertainment says it will be a "counter-revolutionary game" to go against the wave of casual-friendly World of Warcraft clones which have tried ape Blizzard's financial success.

Set in a world similar to the England of Arthurian legend, Camelot Unchained blows up many assumptions we have of medieval fantasy by throwing a apocalyptic event at the setting. The veil has been pierced and magic and monsters have flooded into the our world, nearly extincting the Arthurians, Vikings and Tuatha Dé Danann or elves. These realms are locked in a struggle for survival.

There will be no PVE leveling or loot drops, all progression will come from conflict with other players. Five classes are planned for launch and will utilize a rock, paper, scissors model of the holy trinity of MMOs, but there will be a crafting-focused class. The crafts and buildings created by players will be necessary in RvR combat, and each realm will need to have a support team of crafters to succeed.

Jacobs has not included a timeline for when Camelot Unchained will be released, if and when the Kickstarter campaign is successful[/i]

Camelot Unchained
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