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In WildStar, the legendary planet Nexus has been found. As the opposed forces of the Exiles and Dominion rush to capture it and its secrets you must pick your side and join in the fight to unlock the planet's secrets.

WildStarâ„¢ infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience.

Carbine Studios
Open Beta

  • Fast-paced action based combat.
  • A diverse selection of races and classes to experiment with.
  • Two unique factions to join.
  • Advanced guild options. Join a group, buy a fortress and defend it from your foes.
  • In depth story quests that flesh out the story of WildStar.
  • Buy and customize your own house.
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    About the Game

    For generations the search for Nexus, an ancient planet of mystery and wonder, has been fruitless. No more! Nexus has been found and everyone wants a piece of it. Join with the plucky forces of the Exiles or take up arms with the militaristic Dominion and join in the fight to claim Nexus and its treasures for yourself.

    When you start WildStar you get to create a character from a variety of races and classes, customizing it to suit your own personal preferences. You can then join in the fight and help either side toward its goal of controlling Nexus. Gameplay, in turn, is action based, giving you the skills and depth of an MMORPG, but coupling it with a free moving action style that's fluid and exciting.

    If taking on quests gets too dull for you, you can form a guild with your friends, build your own heavily armed fortress and engage in a full on war with your opponents. Or, if you'd rather have some alone time, buy and customize your home and claim a plot of land for yourself on Nexus.

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    I do believe it's time to update the page of this game.

    I need to beta this so bad

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