Black Desert
Basic Information

Black Desert is an MMORPG that takes place in a vast, beautifully rendered medieval fantasy world filled to the brim with unique creatures, characters and locations. Create your character and then take part in activities ranging from hunting and trading to to questing and all-out siege warfare. Master the game's fast-paced, action-oriented combat

Pearl Abyss
Free to Play
Closed Beta

  • A deep free-to-play MMORPG
  • A gorgeous and massive world to explore, complete with ever changing weather patterns.
  • No loading times. Everything is interconnected
  • Multiple classes to play as, each with their own specialties and skills.
  • Fast-paced, action-oriented combat.
  • Learn to ride a mountain (horses, camels, elephants and more) and then bring it into combat.
  • Diverse quests and massive, tactical siege battles.
  • Nonviolent play options. Make yourself into a mogul, hiring NPC's and buying real estate.
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    About the Game

    Some games talk about creating a world to live in, Black Desert aims to actually do it. With a vast, explorable landscape populated by a plethora of colorful and often dangerous creatures, players will find themselves exploring landscapes ranging from lush plains and forests to arid deserts and frozen wastelands. Breaking up these wildernesses are cities and towns filled to the brim with people of all races and sizes, each with a life of their own and goals to fulfill.

    The player's goals, on the other hand, are their own to decide. Take up the sword (or axe, bow, or spell, etc) and venture out into the world as an adventurer. Take on quests and join in grand campaigns culminating in epic, strategic sieges. Take advantage of Black Desert's dynamic and action-oriented gameplay to turn yourself from a fledgling newcomer into a deadly warrior.

    Or, if the desire strikes you, set yourself to more peaceful tasks. Learn to ride a horse (or a camel or an elephant). Go hunting. Master a trade or even take up in real estate, literally buying yourself a piece of the world to do with what you please. Whatever your whim Black Desert strives to provide a method to feed it.

    Black Desert
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