Dawn of the Dragons
Basic Information

A browser/iOS-based MMORPG, Dawn of the Dragons starts you off as a villager with a pitchfork to your name and little else. As you gain experience and climb levels your power will grow, giving you the opportunity to take on grander quests, explore the world around you and play with other players who have also risen to the challenge of Dawn of the Dragons.

5th Planet Games
5th Planet Games
Free to Play

  • A free-to-play MMORPG for browsers and iOS.
  • Addictive, easy to learn gameplay.
  • Tons of single player quests.
  • A fleshed out, verbose story
  • Fun multiplayer options including cooperative boss battles and PvP
  • Build an army for epic encounters!
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    About the Game

    When Dawn of the Dragons begins you're just a simple villager. When monsters attack however, you're thrust into the fight. After defending your home you soon find yourself taking on the role of an adventurer. You'll take on quests, buy items, weapons, and armor to help you and cooperate/compete with other players for glory.

    Dawn of the Dragons is, in many ways, a great starter level MMORPG. Easy to learn and yet deep enough to be addictive, it couples role-playing mechanics with the structure of a Facebook game. You can play for a little while if it suits you or invest hours in the game if you want.

    And the more time you put in the more the game rewards your efforts. Dawn of the Dragons has tons of quests to explore and a bevy of multiplayer options to extend the game. After you beat a boss you can then summon a more powerful version to take down with your friends (for loot!). A little bout of player versus player never hurt anyone either.

    If you're looking for a RPG that you can step into and out of with relative ease, Dawn of the Dragons may be the ticket you're looking for.

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    Dawn of the Dragons
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