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Otherland, based on the books by Tad Williams of the same name, takes place in a virtual reality world. Created by the Grail Brotherhood, the titular Otherland plays host to a score of diverse universes that players are free to explore at their will. One moment you'll be exploring tech heavy cities and the next you'll find yourself lands of medieval fantasy. Otherland is one the most diverse MMOs on the market.

Free to Play
Q4 2012
Closed Beta

  • Game world based off the Otherworld book series of the same names.
  • A massive collection of diverse worlds to visit.
  • Extensive character customization options.
  • Multiple classes to experiment with.
  • Fun, action-based combat.
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    About the Game

    Based in the world of the Otherworld books by Tad Williams, Otherland the game takes place in an advanced virtual reality network. Created and controlled by the Grail Brotherhood, the Otherland universe is a network of diverse worlds, each difference from the next. In one world you may find yourself wandering a cyberpunk cityscape, while in the next you could find yourself adventuring through an ancient fantasy filled with sword and sorcery.

    When the game begins you can create your own character, drawing on a wide bank of customization options to create an avatar to your liking. You can then select one of four classes, specializing your character to a few skills and weapons. Even after you choose a class however, you'll still be able to use weapons made for other classes. You might not be able to use them to their full ability, but you'll always have the option and flexibility to try.

    Once in game you are free to do whatever you please. You can purchase a home. Form a clan with allies and friends. Wear anything you find, and of course, fight enemies and other players in battle. Otherland is vast, diverse and yours to explore.

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