The Mummy Online
Basic Information

Hidden beneath the sands of time are secrets. Secrets lost in the dark, forgotten by most and guarded by terrible powers. Your job is to uncover these secrets and the treasures they hide, or protect them. Join the Raiders or Cultists and enter the world of The Mummy Online. Explore deserts, caverns and ancient ruins in a quest to find the riches of worlds lost to time.

Free to Play,Browser based

  • Fun, action-based gameplay.
  • Two factions, each with unique classes.
  • Explore dark dungeons and ruins in a search for ancient treasures.
  • Attractive visuals based around The Mummy film franchise.
  • Free-to-play and browser-based!
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    About the Game

    The Mummy Online takes you the to deserts of the ancient world, a land haunted by secrets and terrors so ancient that few remember they even exist. Those who do are separated into two camps: the Raiders intent on discovering the treasures of the ancient world (and selling them) and the Cultists, who will give their lives to defend them.

    Make your character, choose your side and head out to explore the ruins of ancient Egypt. Take care though, wherever you go and whatever treasures you seek you'll find them guarded by ancient magics and the monsters that created them. You'll need to fight every step of the way, utilizing the unique skills of your faction's classes to survive.

    You'll also need to contend with your fellow players. The conflict between the Raiders and Cultists isn't just for show. If you happen upon a player of an opposing side, you can count on them to do everything in their power to keep you from your goal.

    System Requirements
    The Mummy Online
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