Universal Monsters Online
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Have you ever felt the need to get in touch with your spooky side? Universal Monters Online may be the opportunity you've been looking for! Choose from one of an assortment of monsters taken straight classic Universal Studios horror films and take them into battle to complete adventures and quests. Playable straight from your browser, Universal Monsters Online is a high-paced action experience unlike any other!

Free to Play,Browser based

  • A high end browser-based experience.
  • Fast-paced isometric action.
  • A large cast of playable monsters pulled from the reels of Universal horror films.
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    About the Game

    Universal Studios Online is a browser-based game that combines fast-paced isometric action with classic monsters drawn from the wealth of Universal Studios classic horror library. You'll get to pick from an assortment of monsters, including the Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein, and take them into adventures where you'll face off against a variety of foes in a quest any monster can relate to-- you have to get the girl!

    Coupling high-end 3D visuals with cinematic sound made by the masters, Universal Monsters Online is a fun and fast experience that anyon with even a slight inclination toward the spooky can enjoy.

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    Universal Monsters Online
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