Origins of Malu
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Origins of Malu is a universe teeming with creativity, freedom, and power. Create a character that will follow a dynamically generated story set on Malu's magical world. Make impacts on a persistent setting that can affect your fellow players. Build houses using crafted building supplies, or join a faction to design a player-controlled city. A game built by gamers for gamers, Origins of Malu promises to challenge what players expect from an MMO.

Burning Dog Media
Burning Dog Media
March 30, 2013

  • Persistent Open World: Player actions effect the world long after you've left
  • Open World Structures: Build a house on a plot of land, or construct an entire city
  • Classless System: Customize your character free from most limits
  • Dynamic Challenging Battles: Enemies can adapt to your nature, and no two boss fights will be the same
  • Crafting: Building unique housing materials or tweak magic spells
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About the Game

An iron-rich planet orbiting dying star, the world of Malu still teems with life. A colossal pillar, stationed near the equator, feeds Malu's crystalline plant life with magical energy, which in turn sustains the life cycle of the planet. Yet even here, struggles still continue between sentient creatures, including the Malutossi and their former slave race, the Jolah. It is in this alien setting that the player character is created, and where they will have a strong opportunity to make an impact on the game's world.

Origins of Malu is the first major release planned by Canadian company Burning Dog Media, promises to be "a game built by gamers". The project advertises a wide range of common MMO features, such as a massive open world and PVP, but introduces long-demanded features like a persistent world and a procedurally generated storyline.

Player choice is at the forefront of Origins of Malu, starting with its character creation process. The system is classless, allowing players to pick and choose whichever abilities they feel suit them. That's not to say players can't construct traditional healers and tanks, but anyone interested in doing both at the same time should have a much easier time doing so.

Perhaps the most defining factor of Origins of Malu will be its persistent world, which can be altered by players and forces of nature alike. Players can use a structure system to construct buildings across Malu's landscape, designing anything from a private home to a faction-operated city. Burning Dog intends to go well beyond standalone actions however; chains of events can be set into motion across Malu by the slightest act, giving a strong sense of consequence in any of the game's locales. At the same time, the game world can impact players in turn through a dynamically generated quest system, ensuring that no two characters will have the same storyline.

If even half of the features of Origin of Malu function as promised, players should be able to find a unique and engaging experience. Origin of Malu's closed beta has a planned launch of March 30, 2013.

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Origins of Malu
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