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Nuia, the land of those who live in harmony with nature with the firm belief in the love of the Goddess. Harihara, land of laborers filled with the spirit of the Goddess, possessed of strong will who shape nature itself. These two continents are where you story begins. Cut across vast expanses of land on a horse or snow lion, board a ship and cross the mighty ocean to conduct trade, or search hidden lands far and wide for treasure. Beware, you might find yourself having to train your cannons on an enemy ship or bombard enemy castle ramparts with a siege engine. Behind all of these lie the hidden secrets of the awakened land, the Lost Continent and its form denizens. Recall the legacy of Delphinad, the greatest city ever to exist, and discover the traces of the ancient heroes and gods who had no choice but to travel to the Lost Continent to destroy it. By doing so, you may even halt the conspiracy that is lurking in the shadows of this world.

XL Games
Closed Beta

  • Customer Creation Options: Choose from four races and 120 classes
  • Multiple Game Zones: Journey across one of two core continents, or journey on a ship to new lands
  • Jury System: Decide the fates of fellow players who kill or steal from other faction members
  • PVP Arena Battles: Fight courageously and secure your victory
  • Houses and Farms: Tired of combat? Decorate your home or harvest crops with an in-game family
  • Siege Combat: Protect your territory and castles from invading forces
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About the Game

While some MMOs will lead players and guilds through a well-crafted story, some players will gain far more satisfaction experiencing a living world. On paper, ArcheAge certainly appears to be favor the latter group. Originally developed in Korea by XLGames and Lineage creator Jake Song, ArchAge deposits players in an environment divided into three continents and their connecting bodies of water before cutting them loose to find their own fortunes. For some that will involve combat, and for others peaceful farming, implying that there will be something for everyone in ArchAge's upcoming North American release.

ArchAge's philosophy of choice starts at character creation, where players have four races and 120 classes available to choose from. Upon getting their bearings, players are free to explore to their heart's content without a story quest to guide them. That's not to say Archeage doesn't have a story; both continents have a detailed history, as does the mysterious Lost Continent to the North. Players can complete quests, or set out to establish their own farms, homes, and castle territories.

For those seeking traditional MMO combat, ArcheAge still intends to deliver. Outside of threats in the game world, ArcheAge feature a PVP arena system allowing players to prove their worth against fellow humans. Larger groups can also take part is massive Siege Combats, where player-developer territories can be attacked or defended by armies of characters. Defending players attempt to secure their castle walls, while attacking players will try and tear them down with cannons or swarm opponents with infantry.

ArcheAge will also attempt to innovate with unique new features, including a player-run Jury system. When a player kills or steals from a member of their faction, they leave traces of blood evidence that can be collected. When enough is compiled to make an arrest, players at level 30 can be invited as jurors to hear their case and determine the extent of their punishment. Putting responsibility into the hands of other players is an intriguing notion, although given the clear cut nature of evidence, it will be interesting to see how players argue their way out of "guilt".

Regardless, ArchAge is an MMO that promises to combine the best elements of MMOs with an open-world sandbox for players to experiment in. If the English version can truly cater to a diverse range of playstyles, then the English version should quickly establish itself as a worth successor to its Korean counterpart.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit)
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 30 GB
  • Graphics Card: GEFORCE 8 SERIES/ RADEON HD 4000 SERIES with 512 Mb memory
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