Heroes & Generals
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Heroes & Generals is a Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, taking place in the European theater of war during WWII. Players will collaborate with their team across a variety of gameplay modes to conquer or free Europe in real-time. FPS mode allows players to take on opponents as a foot soldier, equipped with a variety of weapons and vehicles. Strategy mode allows the player to take on the role of a commander, issuing orders to soldiers and managing valuable resources. Finally, Casual mode for social and handheld platforms lets players complete necessary support missions, including bombing raids and intelligence decoding. Heroes & Generals offers a multi-faceted gaming experience where every action contributes to a larger picture.

Square Enix
Free to Play,Browser based
Open Beta

  • Action, Strategy, and Casual Play: Choose the playstyle that suits you
  • FPS Action Mode: Play as a foot soldier on the ground level of the war effort
  • Strategy Mode: Take on the role of a general, providing orders, support, and reinforcement to Action Mode players
  • Casual Mode: Support the troops based on gameplay results on handheld and social platforms
  • Multiplayer Campaign: All gameplay modes come together in an effort to take control of a real-time map of Europe
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About the Game

It's been a long time since World War II shooters completely dominated the FPS market. When Call of Duty transitioned from historical to modern eras, the focus of most other multiplayer games followed suit. Thankfully, WWII aficionados can still games and developers finding ways to innovate within the genre, including Roto-Moto's Heroes & Generals.

Heroes & Generals takes the familiar 1940s struggle for Europe and adds a unique twist. Instead of playing as a soldier who could win a war single-handed, the player takes part in a large-scale multiplayer campaign to take control of the continent. Most players will fulfill the role of a foot soldier in FPS mode, where they fight enemy soldiers on an individual basis. Teamwork is required to complete objectives ranging from capturing locations, fighting units behind enemy lines, or disrupting supply lines. As players are promoted in rank, they will be given access to more advanced weaponry that can be used in the battlefield. A wide range of vehicles are also available, including trucks, tanks, and planes, or when all else fails, a simple bicycle letting you speed towards objectives. Victories in FPS mode are translated into a map of Europe in real-time, allowing one team to slowly conquer another over time.

As in the actual war, soldiers were given orders by commanders and generals who considered the larger picture. Such is the case in Heroes & Generals Strategy mode, where players manage the affairs of the larger war effort. Strategy players have the ability to select key targets for FPS players to focus on, and can also provide them with supplies and reinforcements. In turn, FPS players can send requests for additional support or air strikes, that Strategy players can respond to based on available resources. Co-ordination between FPS and Strategy players is crucial not only for winning individual battles, but defeating the opposing side.

Another promising feature for the finished game will be an additional Casual Mode for handheld and social platforms. Just as a war effort extends beyond direct combat, Casual Mode players can make support contributions to the campaign. Mobile and social versions of Heroes & Generals will connect players to the core game in a support capacity, including completion of bombing raids or decoding of enemy intelligence.

Once finished, Heroes & Generals should provide a multi-faceted gameplay experience that players of all stripes can take part of. Since developer Roto-Moto has promised character development will continue from the beta to the finished game, players have even more incentive to try it out for themselves.

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System Requirements
  • CPU: 2GHz CPU w. SSE3 instruction set- dual-core recommended
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Graphics Card: ATI HD X1800 or above (with >512mb RAM), Nvidia 7900 or above (with >512mb RAM), or equivalent
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • CPU: Have a score > 3000 on this list CPU Benchmarks
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: ATI or Nvidia graphics adapter with >1gb RAM and a score >1000 on this list Videocard Benchmarks
  • OS: Windows 7
Heroes & Generals
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