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Journey to the fantasy world of Gielinor and join millions of others in the world's greatest online adventure! Battle dragons and wizards with medieval weaponry and magic, undertake epic quests, upgrade your skills or just socialize with your friends. RuneScape is one of the largest, most expansive online strategy adventure games on the web today.

Jagex Game Studios
Free to Play,Browser based
17 March 2004

  • Large subscriber base with a strong sense of community. People play RuneScape for life.
  • Looks surprisingly grand for a browser game, and it's playable everywhere.
  • Skills skew more towards crafting and support, which allows for a vibrant economy and community.
  • Lots of opportunity for good old fashioned player killing, but there's massive support for PvE play as well.
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About the Game

The game called RuneScape now is actually the sequel to Jagex's first bid at a free to play browser MMO, released three years after RuneScape Classic. Since that time, the player base has grown substantially, with more than 200 million registered accounts and constant updates. Of course, not all those registered are still active, and the audience generally skews more towards a younger crowd, but it can't be denied that RuneScape is a major influence in the entire MMO industry.

RuneScape is a skill-based RPG, with 25 skills to level up by performing actions and the amalgamation of your advancement serves as your overall "level". Some of the skills are combat-based like melee attacks or magic, but you can't neglect more mundane skills like farming or construction if you want to have a well-rounded character. As a tradeoff, you're able to shape your character however you like in RuneScape and shift focus without having to pay a retraining cost.

Combat in RuneScape seems simple at first, but there's a lot going on under the hood. First is your combat level, which is the main indicator in how strong you are by totaling up the ranks of your combat skills. In 2012, Jagex implemented an improved combat system which attempted to rebalance the "Combat Triangle" of Ranged, Melee and Magic away from hack and slash to support more playstyles.

RuneScape has always been a free to play game, and there's content and opportunities restricted to subscribers called Members. Items are available for purchase in Solomon's General Store - the name of the microtransaction machine - but nearly everything sold there is cosmetic in nature.

System Requirements

RAM: 512 MB
GPU: 128MB 3D Graphics Card (i.e. Nvidia® GeForce™ 4 or above, or ATI 9800 or above)

Must have Java Runtime Environmen installed, minimum version 1.6, update 10.

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Love this MMO game. I've played this for quite a while now. Really addictive.

Played this for years. Really immersive with a strong, prominent personality to it. Only MMO I've enjoyed.

One of the worst MMOs I've ever played. I just can't see how this could possibly be a Staff pick.

Seems nice to play, I'm specially care about its economy system

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