Dragon's Prophet
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This action fantasy title has you, as a human hero, fighting alongside dragons. The most recent battle against evil ended in victory, but evil's a sneaky so-and-so, and the world's in peril again. Have you got what it takes to become the next Dragon Prophet?

This is a free-to-play, with microtransactions. Though there isn't a subscription system per se, during closed beta the developer is selling what's called a Dragon Pack. There are three different kinds of Packs, each with its own dragon, title and gear; it's basically a VIP system in all but name. Cost of these packs ranges from $19,99 to $89.99, depending on how fancy you care to get. Purchase of a Pack gets you into the beta.

Runewaker Entertainment
Sony Online Entertainment
Free to Play
Closed Beta

  • Dragons: Dragons are the key feature of Dragon's Prophet. Be a part of this revolutionary MMO as you fight, capture, train and ride your own unique dragon.
  • Action-based combat: Dragon's Prophet uses a revolutionary auto-targeting system that gives players unprecedented control during the battles. The auto-targeting system improves on traditional MMO combat systems and offers players a wide range of tactical options.
  • Immersive World: Players feel like they are in the real world as they explore the world of Auratia. There are many mysteries and challenges to solve as players fight for the world's survival.
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About the Game

See that dragon? He can be yours! Tame him, make him your mount, and he'll accompany you on quests. Capture means get up on his back and ride him like a bucking bronco, in one of the title's mini-games, but once you've done that he's yours for life.

You choose from one of four playable classes: Guardians (heavy armor, melee types), Rangers (arrow-shooting marksmen), Oracles (scythe-wielding mystics), or Sorcerer (magic! BOOM!). None of these are gender-locked, you'll be pleased to hear. So far, everything looks peaceful, but the most recent Dragon Prophet has gone missing. Everyone thinks there's something Evil brewing, and it's your job to find out what; or even replace the missing Prophet, if you can.

The big draw here is, of course, the dragons. Hundreds of 'em are out there, just waiting to be tamed by you. Of course, the evil Black Dragon's also out there, somewhere, plotting and scheming; perhaps you, hero, will be the one to track down the wicked creature.

PvP hasn't been detailed yet. In the information released so far, more emphasis has been put on PvE and story than on PvP battles.

This title entered closed Beta March 19th, 2013; it's scheduled for release, theoretically, later in 2013.

Dragon's Prophet
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