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Enter Ikariam and you'll find a land in need of guidance. Take the reins of your city and help build it from a tiny town to a sprawling city of might and power.

Free to Play,Browser based

  • Manage your own city. Growing it from obscurity to metropolis.
  • Harvest five resources you'll find around the world.
  • Build unique buildings to expand your town.
  • Build a barracks and train soldiers to defend you.
  • Listen to the advice of your advisors to help you move forward.
  • Partake in cooperative play with other players
  • Fight opposing forces with your troops.
  • Research new technologies to help your society grow.
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    About the Game

    Ikariam is a free, browser-based city building game. When the game begins you're given a small village. Your task is to help it expand. Harvest resources and use them to research new technologies and build new buildings. As you expand you'll grow wealthier and need to defend your territory. Build a barracks and stock it with troops to protect your lands.

    Ikariam also features a prominent cooperative element. You can form alliances and agreements with other players, helping each other in your communal quests to build your cities from nothing. Or, if you prefer, you can fight against each other as competitors, squabbling over the world to prove who's best.

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