God of Axion
Basic Information

In God of Axion you play as the deity of Axion. You'll need to help your people build their civilization up from nothing, raising them up to the premier land of the world.

7 Elements Studio
7 Elements Studio
Free to Play,Browser based
Closed Beta

  • Control your own island.
  • Harvest and exploit resources.
  • Build your own city.
  • Raise and train an army.
  • Use blessings to enhance your game.
  • About the Game

    God of Axion is a browser based strategy game where you play as the god of Axion. You'll start with a tiny, barren island. Help your people build their civilization, offering your blessings to enhance their efforts. Help them harvest resources and advance forward.

    You'll also need to defend your territory. Help your worshipers build and army, using tactical unit combinations to come out on top in challenging battles against other players.

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    God of Axion
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    categories: 3d, fantasy

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