Forge of Empires
Basic Information

Take control of your own city in Forge of Empires and guide it through the ages to become a teeming metropolis.

Free to Play,Browser based
Open Beta

  • Control a city from the Stone Age through history.
  • A full-fledged campaign to guide you through city building.
  • Research historical technologies to help advance your city.
  • Use unique buildings to make your city look more impressive.
  • Fight thrilling battles using special skills and tactical terrain.
  • Challenge friends to PvP battles.
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    About the Game

    Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game where you must build your city, beginning in the ancient Stone Ages and working forward through the various eras of history. You'll need to manage your city, investing in new buildings and technologies to advance your society.

    You'll also need to fight to defend it. Forge of Empires features fun, tactical combat. Raise armies and fight against other players to prove your dominance and raise your city to even greater heights of glory.

    System Requirements
    Forge of Empires
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