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In Travian, you take control of a small village with the goal of turning it into a big city. Choose a tribe, make war on your neighbors and help your people rise to power.

Travian Games
Travian Games
Free to Play,Browser based
September 5, 2004

  • Build your village up from one building to an entire city.
  • Gather and exploit a variety of different resources.
  • Interact with thousands of other players and their villages.
  • Choose from one of three tribes.
  • Differently paced servers for different play styles.
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    About the Game

    Travian is a free-to-play, browser based strategy game. When the game begins you'll need to choose from one of three tribes. Once you've selected you'll be given a tiny village with one building that you'll need to manage and expand into a thriving and eventually conquering city.

    As you expand you'll come into contact with neighboring cities that you'll need to interact with. Form alliances with friends and conquer enemies, expanding your territory and influence until your people are the dominant force in the world.

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