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GoodGame's Empire is a strategy game playable in a browser and set in a generic medeival world with a light, cartoony aesthetic. You construct a town by building structures and recruiting soldiers to attack nearby robber barons and the castles of other players.

Construct a medieval town and take over your rival's castle.

GoodGame Studios
Free to Play,Browser based
August 2011

  • A clean, well-designed interface gets you playing Empire right away in your browser with no download required.
  • Colorful and light-hearted quest text makes constructing buildings and min-maxing your castle a pleasurable experience.
  • Gameplay you can enjoy from work or school. Empire works best when you check in with your castle every few minutes.
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About the Game

Empire has a lot going for it. The lighthearted writing and cell-shaded graphics make for a pleasant gaming experience. The developers created a finely-tuned opening sequence to teach the game's concepts and it's very eay to get hooked on the time-based mechanics.

You start out the leader of a small keep, but your advisor quickly suggests you lay down a woodcutter and a stone quarry. Just like that, workers begin trudging out to locations surrounding your little town and bring in resources. You use wood and stone to build more and more structures that allow you to recruit army units, siege units and even rocks to throw down on invaders at your walls.

There's several rewards for checking in with the game over the course of the day, such as a reward chest that refreshes on an increasing timer and a shady-looking tax collector that gives you more gold if you bribe him with rubies - which seems like a raw deal.

Speaking of rubies, they are the in-game currency you can purchase with real money to do anything from speed up construction to fast-track upgrades to certain buildings. Given a few hours of play time, it's perfectly possible to play Empire without investing real cash but the carrot is always dangled tantalizingly.

On the world, you can see the procedurally generated countryside is littered with other player's castles, and you can order your forces to assault them for a wealth of resources and loot. The castle assault mechanics are automated, but you can assign warriors to different flanks and there is some strategy involved in being successful.

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System Requirements

Internet connected computer

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