Sins of a Dark Age
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Ironclad Games, the creators of the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, proudly presents Sins of a Dark Age - the next evolution of MOBA. This explosive genre is taking the world by storm and we couldn't be more excited to share our take on it. You've cleared lanes, taken towers and slain minions by the hundreds - now join us in the world of Sins of a Dark Age where acts of true heroism await!

The fundamentals are familiar and the objective hasn't changed but the path between choosing your Hero to the ultimate destruction of your enemy's is unlike any you've travelled before.

This is the world of Sins of a Dark Age.

Infinite Game Publishing
Ironclad Games
Free to Play
Closed Beta
Currently in Beta

  • A fantasy MOBA created by the team behind Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Commanders determine strategy and base building while Hero players support armies in battle
  • Periodically generated Realm Quests create additional opportunities and challenges
  • Innovative Hero design, unique items, multiple gameplay modes, and emphasis on co-op play
  • Spectator mode and automatically generated replays
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About the Game

Sins of a Dark Age is an upcoming MOBA developed by Ironclad Games, the creators of Sins of a Solar Empire. Moving from Ironclad's familiar RTS background to fantasy-based RPG gameplay, SoaDA pits a uniquely designed group of Heroes against an army seeking to conquer their territory. Heroes are tasked with supporting their NPC army, directly fighting enemy units, and more.

Among the features SoaDA brings to traditional MOBA gameplay are Realm Quests. These are special events that are dynamically generated during regular matches and can be completed by either team. Examples include retrieving unique treasures, escorting merchant convoys, ridding the map of plague carriers, or even working with opponents against a massive common enemy. Successfully completing an event can provide special rewards for a team, or hinder the opponents in some way.

Upon release, SoaDA will provide a variety of multiplayer modes. Gameplay options include cooperative scenarios for 5 players against AI enemies, or competitive scenarios of 5 versus 5. AI bots can also be fill in for absent or dropped-out players, and allow for single-player gameplay. SoaDA will also support tournament play, and offers spectator and replay modes for viewing purposes.

Combining traditional MOBA features with Quest-based objectives, Sins of a Dark Age offers hours of engaging play in a unique addition to the genre.

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Sins of a Dark Age
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