Shadowland Online
Basic Information

Shadowland Online is a social strategy game that combines fantasy with real history. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world called God's Continent where humans fight as a Nobilis, Tribal, or Mercenary against the dark lich Ossanal and his undead army from another world. Through the power of the Eloi gem, you'll travel from ancient Rome to medieval England, where massive armies and heroes such as Spartacus, King Leonidas, Genghis Khan and King Arthur attempt to destroy your alien presence. You'll battle the forces of Eastern and Western history to acquire legendary heroes and find more lost Eloi fragments to further empower your army, empire, and Gate of Ages back home. You can join alliances or start your own, declare war on local strongholds held by NPC's and other alliances, and even join daily battles for the largest main city castle of the region. Perhaps you will one day become a regional commander, where you can take on other regional commanders in other far off lands - or maybe even High Ruler of God's Continent, just like the late King Rothus of the Saros Kingdom.

ZQ Games
Free to Play,Browser based
September 14, 2012

  • Choose from one of three races in a twisted fantasy-meets-reality setting filled with recognizable heroes
  • Build your city and strengthen your army through cross-time conquest
  • Join alliances, seize control of the world and then lead your people to victory in small-scale skirmishes or massive battles
  • Move from region to region and discover dynamic new ecosystems full of never before seen castles, enemies, alliances, and undead
  • Free to play!
About the Game

Ossanal and his undead forces have invaded God's continent through a dark rift. Human rulers of the land, and of the once great and united Saros kingdom, have been massacred in the face of this vengeful being, leaving the once prosperous empire in shambles. All that remains of the human empire are the scattered refugees of the Nobilis, the Tribal Union and the Mercenary Cooperative - but they have found a fragment of the lost Eloi gem of the Elfen Fairies, and with it, the power to construct the Gate of Ages. Now they search through time and dimensions for additional Eloi elements and the legendary heroes who can help them stand against the armies of the Wicked Ossanal.

Shadowland Online is perfect for newbies as well as hardcore gamers, keeping players of similar experience together in isolated regions until they're ready to move on to higher levels. The lower level players will stay with other low level players, while the same applies to higher level players. Player kingdoms in Shadowland Online develop steadily and healthily with a combination of resources and cooldown time limitations - the city and facilities around you will not develop excessively to make you too strong in one area, and not in another. You'll build a town hall, barracks, blacksmith, treasury, markets and more as you found and expand your town.

When the time comes, you'll take the next step, traveling through the Gate of Ages to different eras in history, where you can battle, defeat and then recruit some of the greatest heroes in history. Closer to home, you'll take part in battles against your fellow humans. Take over strongholds of local rivals, and once you've achieved a high enough level, go to war over a regional capital. Victory allows you to lead an entire region into battle against other foreign powers, or even great cities of the undead. And since it's free to play, you can join in the action without spending a penny.

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System Requirements

Broadband internet connection and web browser

Shadowland Online
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