Yitien Chronicles
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This 2.5D browser-based title, based on the work of Chinese novelist Gu Long, entered open beta April 19th 2013. There will be microtransactions, via the Mystery Shop, and there's also what's referred to as VIP status, which suggests a form of subscription; but no details on that as yet.

R2Games Entertainment Inc
Free to Play,Browser based,Subscription
Open Beta
Currently in Beta

  • Mass combat your thing? Then head on over to the Grove of Valor. Last hero standing takes the prize!
  • The Kunlun Mountains is where you'll find the mysterious Yeti. Here, let me help you into this yeti suit; you'll need to be in disguise if you intend to sneak up on 'em!
  • Fancy yourself as a boss? Then climb the Heavenly Mountains! If you beat one of the bosses there, you can replace it, and earn tribute every day so long as you hold onto your little bit of the Mountain.
About the Game

Welcom to Wuxia heaven! The meta-plot revolves around the more or less incompetent Emperor, and how nice it would be if some obliging hero would get him out of the way, but in the meantime there's plenty of stuff to do. You can go fishing, play the Checkpoint mini-game, hunt yetis, plant watermelons, engage in clan warfare ... you know, hero stuff!

There's also a fair amount of thieving. In the fishing event, for example, one way of getting fish is to nick them from your fellow player's stash. If you go trading from city to city, beware bandits! Your fellow players - so long as they're broadly the same level as you - may try to raid your caravan, robbing you blind in the process.

You play as one of three non-gender-locked classes: Warrior, Healer, and Sword Dancer. Sword Dancers are the dangerous ones with the really high attack rating, so watch out if you happen to go toe-to-toe with one. The Grove of Valor is where you'll want to be if you fancy a bit of PvP, and victory here brings Honor, which you can spend. On the other hand if you're the sort that just prefers to get on with people, building Intimacy with your fellow player can also have its benefits, mainly in the form of attack buffs - +60% buff, at its highest level - so long as the pals are in the same group.

This is one for the players who like plenty of PvP, events, mini games, and a fairly in-depth backstory. Also Wuxia fiction. Lots and lots of Wuxia fiction. Defend the poor! Get honor ... and don't forget to capture a yeti or two!

The Yuan Dynasty is faltering. Their mismanagement of the Chinese economy and governmental structure has left the kingdom divided. People are starving and hopeless. Bands of warriors, including the Heavenly Eagle Cult, the Ming Cult, the Emei Sect and the Wu Dang Sect are fighting amongst one another for power. Legend says that a hero, the so-called, "Fated One" will appear, unite the different sects, gain control of the legendary Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre and overthrow the ruling Mongol emperor, restoring Han Chinese rule.

The ruling Yuan government, in addition to being incompetent, is also paranoid. The emperor and his advisors live in fear of the Fated One, placing traps to catch any who may try to challenge their rule.

"The precious sabre slays the dragon. It commands the world, who dares to disobey? If the Heaven Reliant does not appear, who can challenge it?" So says the legend. Will the Fated One appear and restore justice and peace to China, or will a once proud nation crumble? Only you can decide.

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Yitien Chronicles
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