Tales of Solaris
Basic Information

Desperate human survived and met God of Morias, the powerful and kind God who taught human the knowledge, the skills and helped them defeat the demons. When Laputa collapsed; when the rocks fell down to the land and ocean; when the Altar that constituted the demon magic was buried; the human finally broken free and dispelled Demon King Sardin and its followers to the unknown Fissure. This browser-based, anime-inspired turn-based MMORPG is in open beta as of 14th April 2013. It will have a microtransactions system.

Game 321
Ngames Limited
Browser based
Open Beta
Currently in Beta

  • Fast, turn-based battles: compared with turned-based webgame of the same kind, Tales of Laputa has optimized the speed of character's skill release in order to make the battle more intense and breathtaking.
  • Summer lovin': ocean, yacht, bikini, cool guys and beauties, flowers, massage, oiling ... Various playmodes bring a sense of romance and Hawaii style to the game.
  • Dungeon exploration: explore dungeons and uncover all hidden secrets. There will be more than 20 Boss waiting to challenge you ahead. Normal and heroic challenge modes can cater for the needs of different player.
  • Gain rage to induce boss: rage can be gained by killing monsters in one area. When Rage reaches a certain level, the ultimate boss will show up!
About the Game

This title borrows heavily from the anime of the same name, and if you're a fan then you already have an idea what to expect: magic, machinery, a hint of steampunk, and more cuteness than you can shake a stick at. Not that you would shake a stick at anything quite this cute.

There are six basic classes: sniper, mage, assassin, priest, swordsman and wizard. Not many surprises to be had here; the assassins have knives and poor anger management skills, snipers shoot stuff, warriors hit things with swords, and so forth. It's a very friendly game, and you can auto-path your way through much of the content - including the instances - if you so choose. Which suggests, on the whole, a younger target audience, though the mini-games in the beach segment - how much oil would you like to rub into your dear friend? - belie that impression.

There's also farming, escort quests, pets, and many of the trappings you've come to expect from this kind of MMORPG. The big draw here - apart from the dangerous levels of cuteness - is the amount of content. There's tons of maps to explore, monsters to bash, Ancient Forbidden Paths to master, and other stuff to be occupying you, hero!

System Requirements

Not known at this time.

Tales of Solaris
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