Total Domination
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Plarium is a relative newcomer to the scene, founded in 2009, and Total Domination, a Facebook strategy title, is one of its flagship games. There is a microtransactions system powered by Facebook Credits which, for those not familiar with the system, can be had for free provided the player does something in return. 'Does something' in this context means whatever the Facebook advertiser wishes it to mean; sometimes just watching an ad is enough, sometimes you need to watch a video or take a survey. Occasionally a purchase is required. Credits can also be mined, in-game. Bear in mind, you'll need credits to keep your troops functional - units and buildings degrade if upkeep isn't paid - so you'll need a steady inflow of currency.

For every world, there must be a ruler.

Plarium Social Games
Free to Play,Browser based

  • Rebuild society! With tanks, drones, and heavily armed cyborgs.
  • Watch out for those mutants; the post-apocalypse world can be a hostile place.
  • Better watch out for your fellow player too, as he covets your stuff and will raid you to get it.
  • You know, your neighbor has some sweet looking stuff. Fancy a raid, to take it from him?
About the Game

The world went to hell in a handbasket after the last nuclear war, and now it falls to you - and several thousand other would-be dictators - to rebuild. You start with a tiny, tiny base, and must upgrade ASAP, as your fellow world-builders are an impatient lot who will crush you under the soles of their boots if you're not careful. Build defenses, build offensive troops, build scouts and mines and lots of other stuff, because you'll need it all both to keep your own army together, and to expand. Just don't forget to generate enough cash to keep this monster running, otherwise your army will fall apart for lack of funding.

If you're feeling a bit lonely, join a clan. These guilds can help you out, fund you with resources if you're a bit short, and generally expect you to contribute your aid in return for helping you.

Get enough experience, and you could get given global missions - basically larger, more important versions of the basic missions you've been doing up to now - and maybe encounter strange mutants, nuclear war survivors, mad AI, and other odd pockets of the Total Domination universe.

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System Requirements

Facebook browser title.

Total Domination
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categories: 3d, fantasy

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