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A3 is the English version of a popular Korean Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game about the struggle between powerful immortals and ordinary humans. Choose from 4 classes before making your way into the open world to complete quests, battle monsters, and level yourself up to a full-fledged hero. Join or found an order of knights to progress with, or reap the benefits of starting your own item shop. Whether engaging in large-scale battles or completing A3's episodic story, many options await you!

A3 India
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  • PVP: Fight your fellow players in either arena combat or the open world
  • Dog Race Gambling: If you can't earn currency in combat, try winning it from bets on in-game races!
  • Town Wars: Take part in a massive event battles with your opposing faction in which hundreds of players wage war with each other
  • Protests: Don't like how the game is being run? A3 players are known for staging in-game "strikes" to make their views heard
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About the Game

In a world where fact and myth are the same, ancient humans, animals, and spirits lived on the continent of Hellmarsh in harmony. That is, until the God Beings arrived with the intent of imposing laws of creation, forbidding the migration and interbreeding of the various races. Humanity eventually rebelled against the gods, only to be defeated by the Holy Army. Nearly 200 years later, the descendants of human rebels once again ready themselves to challenge the Gods and free the souls of their ancestors from imprisonment.

A3 is an English version of a popular Korean MMO of the same name. Players choose from one of four classes: Warrior, Mage, Holy Knight, and Archer, and are immediately dropped into their chosen starting territory. After an initial series of tutorial quests that amount to little more than introducing nearby NPC's and shops, the player is freed to proceed in the world as they deem fit. Very little can be gleamed from the game's backstory initially, perhaps because the game remains in a beta state, but there are still lots of gameplay and character progression options available to players.

The gameplay itself is reminiscent of top-down RPGs like Diablo, where players equips their character, clicks on enemies to enter battle, and return to town to sell their loot. Unlike Diablo, A3 will require players to rely somewhat more on human-controlled allies. The lands outside of the town walls are swarming with varied monsters, and starting characters won't have to go far to find enemies beyond their level. By the time the player enters their first dungeon, they will discover dozens of powerful enemies who can raze HP in no time at all. Taking the time to develop your character is essential if you insist on progressing into the game environment without allies. As players progress, they will be able to gain pets and NPC allies who can mitigate these circumstances somewhat.

Beyond the core combat gameplay itself, A3 can provide alternative activities for players. If players are having trouble earning currency in battle, they can bet on in-game dog races and potentially earn significant winnings. Characters also have the option of establishing themselves as shopkeepers in their own right, collecting profits and taxes from sold goods. A3 also provides several PVP options, including open-world combat, arena battles, and Town Wars. Town Wars are planned massive siege combats pitting the game's opposing factions against each other, with hundreds of players in battle at any given time.

While A3's beta lacks some of the polish of other MMOs, its features, combat, and surprisingly well-designed monsters show promise for the future.

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System Requirements
  • CPU: P-III 600MHz / RAM 128MB
  • Graphics Card: Geforce/Riva TNT/Radeon 7000 series or higher
  • API: Direct X 8.1
  • CPU: P-III 1GHz / RAM 512MB or higher
  • Graphics Card: Geforce/Riva TNT/Radeon 7000 series or higher
  • API: Direct X 8.1
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