Navy Field 2
Basic Information

Join Navy Field 2 and you'll enter a game of naval combat where massive fleets engage in epic battles on the seas.

Free to Play
Open Beta

  • Fast-paced MMORTS action.
  • Engage in battle using an accurate arsenal of historical warships
  • Re-enact historical battles like Midway and the Bismarck's last stand.
  • Take part in engagements with up to 64 players at a time.
  • Customize your ships with new weapons and armor.
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    About the Game

    Navy Field 2 is a massively multiplayer strategy game where players take control of one of several hundred historically accurate ships, customize them to their preference and then engage in epic battles.

    Players can take part in historical re-enactments of historical battles or enter into massive engagements involving dozens of players, each with their own ships and fleets. War will rage on the waters, whether or not you make your mark on it is up to you.

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    Navy Field 2
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