Black Gold Online
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Inspired by the many myths and fairytales throughout Northern Europe, Black Gold combines fantasy with gothic steampunk feel. These two worlds are also alignments that players can choose. On one side is a world of fantasy, filled with magic drawn from the life and nature found around the ancient jungles and temples of the terrain. The other is the world of Steam, a mechanized society of giant walking cities, which utilizes engineering and mechanized equipment to gain supremacy.

Little is known about this title at the moment. It's due for a first impressions unveiling at E3 2013.

Snail Games
Closed Beta
Currently in Beta

  • Unique setting and storyline.
  • Watch this space!
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About the Game

It's difficult to say very much about this title, as not much is known beyond its name and setting. The title doesn't even have an official website yet. Yes, you can play as a typical fantasy hero, exploring and looting wherever your mood takes you, but you can also be a science-fiction battle king, taking the field in your powered armor and mowing down the enemy with machine guns. The developers have promised that players will be able to trigger over 3,000 dynamic game events that can change the face of the game world itself. These are the same folks who made Age of Wushu, but that doesn't mean Black Gold is going to have a Chinese setting or aesthetic; Snail Games is aiming for a completely different kind of experience. You'll be choosing from two factions - Isenhorst and Erlandir, both of which have humans as well as faction-specific race types - and from one of three classes, each of which has three specializations. First impressions suggest an action-heavy title, but again, little can be said for certain until its E3 reveal.

Black Gold Online
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