World of Darkness
Basic Information

Darkness falls. The cities are labyrinths of polished steel and broken pavement. The landmarks are familiar, but the shadows are longer and people toil under the yoke of paranoia and fear. In the darkness The Kindred, ancient Vampires sired by Caine and cursed by God, plot and conspire against each other in an endless war. Their intrigues, cruelty and beauty surpass anything to which folklore could aspire. This World of Darkness is myth incarnate.

The Kindred plot and conspire against each other in an endless war.


About the Game

Not a lot about this game is known as of June 2013. We do know that this game will be featuring an action-based combat system and it will loosely incorporate the meta-game of EVE Online as game mechanics. The game will be split into regions that players can gain control of. As ruler of those areas, those characters who are crowned princes can decide the permanent fate of interlopers in their regions. This power comes at the cost of permanent death of the prince should they be assassinated. We also know that this game will take place in the night and that the game will not feature time cycles of day and night. Finally, all new characters begin as humans. Those characters will need to be "turned" to vampires somehow.

System Requirements
World of Darkness
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